Why do we encourage Ethical fashion?

When I started thinking of selling products online, I started to analyze the niche and potential suppliers , you know the typical process of launching a new line of products. What I discovered was a market over saturated with products that will end up on our landfills as a waste. So I decided to narrow my search to products that could be reused or made out of recycled materials.

The fashion industry is a massive contributor to our waste problem. Then why not find products in the fashion industry that are eco-friendly. Thankfully today we have plenty of options and many entrepreneurs have this in mind when creating their collections.

Now we do sell Ethical fashion at ReComercia and our first collection is called Brave Soles. This article is dedicated to those brave artisans in the Dominican Republic who made these beautiful products.

A couple of years ago Christal Earle Founder and CEO of Brave Soles was on the north coast of DR, contemplating the magnificent landscape from a hill. Unfortunately, that hill was a garbage dump, instead of admiring the idyllic location, she was walking through the garbage that covers about five acres of that land.

Announcement: Conscious fashion can be created at a fair price for all of us!


Within those acres coexists a small community of people who sort through the garbage, helping to recycle waste. They are, in other words, the front line in the war that humanity seems to be waging against Mother Nature. As stated by Christal in one of her articles “Garbage dumps are the secret horrors that reflect our modern-day lifestyle”. She found her inspiration within to create change.

Brave soles artisan

The change Christal and the Brave Soles team are making helped me with the decision to promote their products because I know recycling tires is more complex than other items. Brave soles products are handcrafted by local artisans from the community. Below you will find the 3 reasons Why Brave soles is focusing on using HAND-CUT upcycled tires in their designs, it is because of those same why’s that we at ReComercia decided to encourage these ethical eco-friendly products:

  1. The process of recycling tires is more complex than many other items in the world.
  2. Brave Soles provides equitable employment through its artisanal process.
  3. We refuse to separate our love for creation from our faith in humanity.

When you buy a product in our store, you help micro-enterprises build new ideas and businesses from the world’s garbage and turn it into an asset.

Let’s keep this last sentence in mind “The connection between who we are and the world we share can’t be ignored”
Thanks for sharing our vision

Enrique Diaz
Internet retailer and Ecopreneur

Author’s notes: We distribute products from the mentioned company. Images credit: Brave Soles pictures rights. Any trademark mentioned was only as a reference. At our eCommerce store, we sell products that accomplish at least one of these characteristics: Eco-friendly, Recycled, Reusable, Upcycle.

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